Declan Henry

I am predominately a creative non-fiction writer. This website is intended to give you a brief overview of my work – containing extracts from my books as well as a selection of my previously published articles. I hope you will enjoy the journey that it takes you on  – which includes images of Ireland, intended to remind you of the beauty of its landscape.

Biography – Authors Profile

Declan Henry lives in Kent, England and was born in County Sligo, Ireland. He was educated at Goldsmiths’ College and King’s College, London. Declan holds a Master of Science Degree in Mental Health Social Work and a BA (Hons) in Education and Community Studies. He has dual vocational qualifications in Social Work and Community and Youth Work. He is a registered social worker and has worked in the profession since 1993. He also holds a Level 3 Award in Education and Training for teaching creative writing.

To date, Declan has written nine books: view book page His next book is about Lahore Ahmadiyya Muslims (a controversial Islamic Sect) which is due to be published in late 2023 by Squirrel Publishing, UK. He is the bronze winner of the 2017 Independent Publisher Book Award in the LGBT non-fiction list for his book Trans Voices – Becoming Who You Are.

In addition to his books, Declan has also been published in the media, both in Ireland and the UK, including articles in: Irish Independent, The Irish Times, The Irish Examiner, The Kent Journal of Mental Health, Kent Messenger, Huffington Post, The Irish News, The Irish Post, The Irish World and Ireland’s Eye.

The Writer Within

I love being a writer. It’s what drives me in life. And as a naturally curious person, I’m fascinated by what makes people tick. I like discovering how people conquer their adversaries and love human interest stories. My books are essentially about people – their characters, emotions, thoughts and reactions – and mainly which qualities and attributes make them such unique individuals.

As a writer, I try to incorporate both sides of humanity into my writing, having learned that life is far from grim and that there is enough kindness, compassion, love and humour to overcome life’s obstacles, regardless of how much misery, abuse, or injustice exists. I try to compensate the darkness by highlighting the kinder side of nature, because otherwise I risk painting the world as a dull and bleak place. I am currently considering a number of options in the lead-up to my next writing venture – because writing is simply in my blood

Young Refugees & Asylum Seekers


Young Refugees & Asylum Seekers

The Truth About Britain


There are many misconceptions about young refugees and asylum seekers in Britain. Declan Henry dispels these myths and gives a compassionate and empathetic view of the daily struggles they face including discrimination, racism and poverty.

Published Books




Forbidden Fruit

The cracks in the Irish Catholic Church are deepening. Sparked by the clerical abuse scandals of the ‘90s…

Why Bipolar

We live in a world filled with beauty, wonderment and equilibrium – but equally…



Across America, there will be young people who will go to bed hungry tonight. There will be those who aren’t concerned about…


Suicide - Reasons to Live



Reasons to Live

Prevention of Suicide

Suicide – Reasons to Live was launched in 2021 to coincide with World Suicide Prevention Day. To view and download the suicide prevention booklet in the PDF format, simply add to cart and follow instructions (FREE of charge).
Young Refugees & Asylum Seekers

Available NOW


Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Information For Parents & Professionals

Information For Parents & Professionals

To view and download my ADHD booklet in the PDF format, simply add to cart and follow instructions (no charge) . This booklet continues to be distributed throughout Kent to parents and professionals.

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